Savinelli One 404 Rusticated

Savinelli One 404 Rusticated
Country of Origin
Dunhill Group Size
5.6 in.
Bowl Height
1.8 in.


Savinelli One Pipes

Savinelli is a brand that has humble beginnings. The brand first began producing pipes and cigars in 1876 and has been producing top quality pipes ever since. Many people express their interest in smoking pipes from time to time. It has been associated with elegant evenings and high society people for centuries. The Italian pipe makers made the Savinelli One pipe, which is made from the classic rich briar. This is what makes the pipes what they are; elegant piece of art that people can use to smoke tobacco from.

Savinelli One Pipes Art

There are many people who consider pipes of this type of be a form of art. These are specific pipe collectors that really enjoy the art form of the pipe. This includes the shape, design and materials used to create the pipe with. The Savinella One is no exception to what collectors are looking for in a pipe. New pipe smokers should begin slowly and not give up once they have tried to smoke a pipe. This can take a little while to get used to, and for some can be an acquired taste. Taking small amounts of filtered smoke in can help to glide into it.

Savinelli One Pipes Balsa System

The Balsa system in the Savinelli One pipe is a filtering system that takes out the tar, nicotine and impurities from the tobacco and produces clean smoke. This allows the smoker to have the best of the tobacco smoke without the other parts that unfiltered pipes can offer. The Balsa filters are interchangeable through the Savinelli brand of pipes. This is what makes these pipes so popular and in high demand. Many tobacco stores completely sell out of these pipes because they are so popular due to the quality of the pipes.

Savinelli One Pipes Design

The design of the Savinelli One comes in billiard finish along with Dublin, Sandblast and smooth finishes. This offers quite an array of designs that can make each of these pipes look differently. It is important to be sure to have a cleaning system for the pipe that is purchased, because it will need to be cleaned. This will avoid nasty buildup of tar and nicotine inside the pipe. This build up can eventually clog the pipe if it is not cleaned out after each day’s or night’s use. Most tobacco shops will have the instruments necessary to clean the pipes properly and this will keep the smoking instruments in good working shape.