Baldo Baldi Pipes

Baldo Baldi love for pipes began back in 1966 when he started making some for friends. During the 70’s, he decided to stop working as an Architect, and devoted his whole life to pipe making.

Since that time he has never ceased to amaze enthusiasts and collectors.

Baldo’s pipes are made with Ligurian briar, from Badalucco and Arma di Taggia, and have been seasoned for 20-25 years in his workshop. He spends hours trying to find the best shape for each block of briar, working the pipe as a real sculpture. He only uses files, rasps and sandpaper to make his pipes. In his workshop you cannot find other electric tools except a drilling and polishing machine. Mouthpieces are hand made with lucite.

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Baldo Baldi Estate Pipe - Click for details
Baldo Baldi Estate Pipe
SKU: 082252
Condition: Unsmoked -Original pipe sleeve included