Kai Nielsen

Kai Nielsen, Viggo Nielsen's eldest son, was born in 1951 in Vordingborg, Denmark. When he was a teenager, Kai worked for "pocket money" at the Bari pipe factory. At this time, the Bari factory was owned in part by Viggo Nielsen. In 1972, at the age of 21, Kai began working full time at the factory. The factory was sold in 1975 and shortly after, Viggo, Kai, and Jorgen (Kai's younger brother) joined forces and began making pipes together. Kai studied and learned the art of pipe making under the careful eye of his father, Viggo. Kai's hard work and love for the craft was evident in each pipe he made. His designs and skills were soon noticed and admired by many.

Kai, like his father, selects only the finest aged briar, most of which is Corsican. He also air cures the briar for a number of years to provide exceptional smoking qualities. Kai's handcut acrylic and cumberland mouthpieces are works of art. His attention to detail and creative designs are overwhelming.

Many in North America will see a similarity between Kai's style and that of the highly regarded carver Kurt Balleby. For good reason - Balleby apprenticed under Kai Nielsen when he was learning the art of pipe carving.

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Kai Nielsen Flame Grain C - Click for details
Kai Nielsen Flame Grain C