Joao Reis Pipes

Joao Reis was born in 1978 and grew up in Lisbon the capital of Portugal. When he was young he loved to play with his dad`s tools at home. One of his dads colleagues was a pipe smoker and when he smoked his pipe it just smelled so good and that`s how Joao got acquainted with The Smoking Pipe.

Around the age of 7 he created his first pipe out of a bamboo cane using his dad`s pocket knife and Joao pretended to be Popeye the sailor man. As he grew older, except from wood working, metal working and music, school did not catch his interest, so at the age of fifteen he dropped out of school and started to work on a furniture workshop. Soon after he bought his very first pipe. 

In 2007 the American magazine "Pipes and Tobaccos" put his pipes on the front page. And Joao Reis actually celebrated 20 years of pipe making last year (in 2018) and is looking forward to the next 20.