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The Ashton pipe company began in 1983 when Bill Ashton Taylor left the Dunhill factory to start his own brand. He produced elegant classic shapes, known for the deep craggy blasts and old school oil curing process that lead to excellent smoking pipes. Bill Taylor passed away in 2009.

James Craig now produces under the Ashton name. Staying true to the classic brand, Mr. Craig hand-cuts his stems and tenons from solid vulcanite stock and utilizes the same deep sandblasting technique that Ashtons have become famous for.

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Ashton Brindle 3X - Click for details
Ashton Brindle 3X

Ashton Pebble Grain 3X - Click for details
Ashton Pebble Grain 3X

Ashton Sovereign 2X - Click for details
Ashton Sovereign 2X