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St. Claude, France is a pipe making capital of the world
where history and skilled pipe makers make it the pinnacle of pipe making.

The CredoLine pipes utilize their design skills and combine
it with St.Claude’s experience and tradition to make a more modern pipe.

CredoLine hand selects beautiful traditional briar and combines it with "new tech" acrylic stem in the same color tones, evoking a simple line, a single gesture.

The CredoLine pipe is One! As an extension of the hand.

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Credo 1175 - Click for details
Credo 1175
SKU: 1418-N

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Credo 1601 - Click for details
Credo 1601
SKU: 1418-O

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Credo 403 - Click for details
Credo 403
SKU: 1418-M

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