Peter Matzhold

Peter Matzhold | Iwan Ries & Co.

Peter Matzhold studied architecture in Graz and worked in this profession for a couple of years. At that time he started to carve his own pipes. Then during a stay in Basel, he meet a gallery owner who talked him into exhibiting some of his pipes. He decided to go into pipe making full time, and the results are smokable art.

All Matzholds feature a light brown-to orange colour with a Carnauba wax coating which is polished to a shiny glossy surface. Due to the nature of the Briar some pipes come out lighter and some darker.

All of his mouthpices are handcut and made of vulcanite. Most importantly, Matzhold only releases clean pipes, which means No Fills.

A one man company, Matzhold makes around 200 pipes a year.



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Matzhold Grade 4E - Click for details
Matzhold Grade 4E

Matzhold Grade 5D - Click for details
Matzhold Grade 5D