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Swedish snus is a moist to semi-moist, oral tobacco product that is used behind the upper lip. There are two formats for Swedish snus, loose and portion packed. Both formats are available in different flavor varieties. Swedish snus is made from selected tobaccos, water, salt and flavorings, following recipes dating back to the late 18th century. Swedish snus is pasteurized in a proprietary heat treatment process that removes undesired microorganisms and nitrosimines while prolonging freshness.

With Swedish snus there’s no chewing or spitting. Only pure tobacco enjoyment.

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General Mini-Mint Snus - Click for details
General Mini-Mint Snus
SKU: X30-11

General Mint Snus - Click for details
General Mint Snus

General Original Portion Snus - Click for details
General Original Portion Snus
SKU: X30-14

General White Portion Snus - Click for details
General White Portion Snus
SKU: X30-13

General Wintergreen Snus - Click for details
General Wintergreen Snus
SKU: X30-12