Rattray's Year of the Tiger

Rattray's Year of the Tiger
Country of Origin
Black Cavendish, Virginia, Oriental

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The master blenders from Rattray’s made this blend but it is a strictly limited blend. The Rattray’s Year Of The Tiger appears in mystical black decorative boxes decorated with a majestic, powerful tiger head. In keeping with what characterizes people born under the sign of the Tiger: courage, competitiveness and unpredictability!

But if you take the tobacco out of this wonderful tin and stuff it into a pipe bowl, our unpredictable tiger suddenly becomes a supple cuddly cat. The mixture of a high proportion of Black Cavendish and various Virginias impresses with a gently fruity aroma of goji berries, which is accompanied by fresh lemon to give the whole thing a summery touch. For a wonderful creaminess, the masters of Rattray’s add a hint of honey and vanilla. The aromas are only subtly added to this medium-bodied blend and leave room for the tobaccos to present themselves.