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Davidoff Cigars launches a new whisky cask aged cigar line – the Winston Churchill Late Hour.

Like other cigars in the Davidoff Winston Churchill line, they are inspired by Sir Winston Churchill – one of the most celebrated cigar lovers in history.

“Gourmets across the globe have opened their eyes and minds to what is possible when venturing beyond the usual French wine, Scotch whisky, basic roasted coffee or their home country’s cuisine. We at Davidoff are excited to open the cigar aficionado’s world with new tastes and a rewarding experience with “The Late Hour”: a complex and flavourful Scotch cask aged multi-origin cigar blend. The journey to new experiences and horizons will be worth it. We feel sure that Sir Winston would have enjoyed it and would have filled his late hours beautifully with this exceptional cigar and a glass of his favourite Scotch,” said Charles Awad, Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer at Oettinger Davidoff AG.

Randolph Churchill, Sir Winston’s great-grandson, added: “The late hours into the early morning was the time when Churchill would gather all those resources together and commit himself to working, whether it was on his books with his research advisors or with his military people deciding the course of action. So, the late hours and the dark hours were when Churchill was his most productive in life. And he was never without a cigar.

Tobacco matured in Scotch single malt whisky casks greatly improves its sweetness and deep flavour. The Late Hour blend contains Condega Visus tobacco. Those leaves are firmly pressed inside 10 casks, made of American white oak, which formerly held single malt Scotch single malt whisky from the Speyside region. As the temperature in the closed casks rises, the tobacco enters a fermentation process. After three months, the tobacco is rotated and aged an additional three months. The tobacco absorbs the aromas of the cask and whisky for a total of six months. Then, the tobacco is ready to be integrated into the blend that makes up Winston Churchill – The Late Hour.

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Winston Churchill Late Hour Churchill - Click for details
Winston Churchill Late Hour Churchill
48 x 7

Box of 20 - MSRP: $576.00
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Single - $28.80

Winston Churchill Late Hour Robusto - Click for details
Winston Churchill Late Hour Robusto
52 x 5

Box of 20 - MSRP: $502.00
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Single - $25.10

Winston Churchill Late Hour Toro - Click for details
Winston Churchill Late Hour Toro
54 x 6

Box of 20 - MSRP: $544.00
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Single - $27.20