Pipe Force Episode II

Pipe Force Episode II
Country of Origin
United States
Broken Flake
Virginia, Latakia, Perique


A mellow, sweet mixture of bright, Red, and Stoved Virginias offers the exceptional base for a for smokey Latakia, floral Kentucky, spice of Stoved Katerini and th ambrosial berry and spice of Katerini Perique. The result is a harmony of flavor in perfect balance.

Stoved-or Cavendish-tobaccos are often thought of as the vehicle for top flavoring. Though this is certainly a fine attribute, the wonderful characteristics imparted from the stoving process can easily be overlooked. Pipe Force illustrates just that with the stoving of two varietals for the first time, Rustica and Katerini.

Pipe Force, a series that celebrates pipe smoking by showing innovation isn't a thing of the past, there are still frontiers to explore.