Mac Baren Roll Cake Spun Cut 3.5oz.

Mac Baren Roll Cake Spun Cut 3.5oz.
Country of Origin
Virginia, Black Cavendish, Perique




Roll Cake is by far the youngest member of the roll cake family. It is also the only one of our roll cakes where we add just a tiny bit of top flavour. This is unlike the other roll cakes where the recipe is only tobacco, water and maple sugar.

The gathering of the whole leaves are done very carefully. First they have to be ripe and then harvested by hand to ensure that no damage comes to the leaf. Today, where most of the tobacco is harvested by machine, the quest to find a tobacco farmer who is willing to undertake the great job of harvesting all leaves by hand is getting more and more difficult. None the less, Mac Baren has great cooperation with a handful of farmers that are happy to take on this time-consuming task.

Like the most of our spun tobaccos water and maple sugar are boiled and added to the tobacco. This is all we add so the taste is very natural with the interplay between the natural sweet Virginias and light sour and smoky flavour from the Dark Fired Kentucky perfectly blended to create a natural tobacco taste with a minimal sweet edge.

Many pipe smokers know this blend but under the former name – Royal Twist. The change of name from Royal Twist to Roll Cake took place in 1990.