K. Anastasopoulos

K. Anastasopoulos
Country of Origin
Bent Billiard
Dunhill Group Size
5.37 in.
Bowl Height
1.94 in.

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Grading and Marks

This is a general guide for my pipe grading system.
I have seen and I have thought many grading systems but I decided to follow a simple one.
Tom Eltang, told me when I met him, "keep it simple!". So, I did.

Hence, I have three main categories for my pipes: SmoothSandblasted and Rusticated.

When the grain is Top, without any flows and spots, I make a smooth finish.

When the grain is High-grade but few small black spots or flaws appear,
I choose the sandblasting method.
I can make full or semi sandblasted pipes.

For Elevated or Mid-grade grain that may have few small spots and flows,
I use four basic rustication methods.
a) "Mitos"
This is my favorite style and I have found that it looks great on most shapes.
The name “Mitos” comes from Greek mythology, identifying a big skein of thread “Ariadni”
gave to “Thiseas” to assist him find his way out of the labyrinth where “Minotauros” was.
So “Mitos” engraving is a single line that goes around the entire pipe with one start and one end.
b) "Maze"
This is like “Mitos” but it’s made by many separate small engraved lines, pretty much like a maze.
c) Brushed
Brushed is another, more frequently used from other pipe makers too,
technique that I do using an iron brush and by hand.
d) Common rustication
For biger spots I use this rustication method.

You can be absolutely certain that you will never find any hidden flaws, small or bigger ones.
All the aforementioned techniques do not hide flows and scrunches and the basic principal that I abide is that never use putty!


All my pipes are stamped with my initials (K.A.) in a rectangle, 
plus a four or five-digit number, where the last two digits show the year of construction
and the 2 or 3 first digits identify the serial number of the pipe.
For example, in 0512, 05 is the serial number and 12 stands for the year 2012.

Before 2012, all the pipes that were created, marked with the [K.A.] in rectangle only.

Silver rings are marked with 925 and a smaller K.A. stamp.