Don Carlos

Don Carlos | Iwan Ries & Co.

Bruto Sordini was born in the small village of Cagli, high in the mountains of central Italy. While studying law Bruto developed a passion for pipe making, and so gave up what was to be a promising law career in order to work with his hands and heart as well as his mind. 

Bruto's work as a pipe maker is rather well known by aficionados of the briar. Following his apprenticeship with various firms he formed, with two other pipe makers, a partnership called Ser Jacopo. After a few years of such collaboration Bruto felt he could make more interesting pipes on his own, so he, along with his charming wife Rosaria, formed Don Carlos.

When the Don Carlos brand was first introduced in the United States pipe smokers all over the country flocked to try what was perceived at the time to be an excellent value. That the brand continued to sell in huge numbers showed that Bruto found the key to pipe smokers' hearts.

A few years ago a devastating motorcycle accident stopped Don Carlos production while Bruto slowly recovered. In a strange way this may have actually helped the brand as Bruto had time to develop new shapes and finishes in his mind while he recuperated. And, by the time he returned to his workshop he found that he did not like to work so fast as before- preferring instead to take more time with each pipe.