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The Zino Platinum Scepter Series offers great tastes, complex yet harmonious experiences and exquisite aromas with a range of strengths suitable for both the novice and experienced cigar smokers. Scepter Series smokers enjoy bold taste with a pleasurable draw and the balanced combustion that Zino Platinum has perfected.

The blend of different filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Peru is specially processed for this cigar, aged over four years and combined with a binder from Connecticut. This unique blend, finished with a Connecticut Ecuador wrapper, results in a dynamic, even taste which delightfully invites smokers to discover new stimulations with each puff of a Scepter Series cigar.

A signature quality of the Zino Platinum is the aroma of the smoke, which is intense without being aggressive, producing pleasant sweetness. The Scepter Series has a friendly characteristic that offers strong taste without undue force for smokers of all types. This is achieved through an understanding of the palate and the regions of the tongue responsible for sensing bitterness and sweetness.

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Zino Platinum Grand Master - Click for details
Zino Platinum Grand Master
52 x 5 1/2

Tin of 12 - MSRP: $195.60
Your Price: $176.00
Single - $16.30

Zino Platinum Pudge - Click for details
Zino Platinum Pudge
43 x 4 1/2

Tin of 12 - MSRP: $121.20
Your Price: $109.25
Single - $10.10

Zino Platinum Stout - Click for details
Zino Platinum Stout
52/38 x 7

Tin of 12 - MSRP: $219.60
Your Price: $197.60
Single - $18.30