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Punch Grand Puro Nicaragua Double Corona

Punch Grand Puro Nicaragua Double Corona
Ring x Length
54 x 7.5 in.
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Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua cigars are a first for this stellar cigar brand known for being "the cigar that lives up to its name." Built on a muscular chassis of high-priming Nicaraguan filler and binder leaves seamlessly rolled inside a hearty Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, the smoke issues bold notes of pepper and cedar with an earthy hint of leather in the mix.

According to a press release from General Cigar, "For the extension of the Gran Puro line, our artisans built a blend that balances Nicaraguan tobaccos with a Maduro wrapper to deliver a layered, dimensional flavor not traditionally found in Nicaraguan-based cigars."

Presented with a unique blue-green color scheme on the boxes and bands to distinguish it from the Honduran Punch blends, the Punch Gran Puro Nicaragua collection is offered in four distinctive shapes available in 20-count boxes.

If you're intimately familiar with the classic Punch Honduran cigars and acquired a taste for the earthy, spicy character of Nicaraguan cigars, it's not hard to imagine what a stunning punch the Gran Puro Nicaragua delivers. Add this tour de force to your cart now.

54 x 7 1/2