Per Grorge Jensen Birds of Feather Anomalous 50g

Per Grorge Jensen Birds of Feather Anomalous 50g
Country of Origin
United States
Broken Flake
Perique, Virginia, Burley

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Crumble Cake- This blend contains the unique Katerini perique. Very few pipe smokers have heard about this tobacco, and with good reason. Sutliff is the only pipe tobacco blender who has this tobacco. Katerini tobacco is an oriental tobacco growing on the mainland in Greece. For the first time in history the Katerini is fermented after the original perique recipe, the result is sublime. Katerini perique has a lighter taste than normal perique, and as an extra gain, it develops a deep raisin/fruity taste. The Katerini perique is blended with a part Red Virginia and fair amount of Virginia Cavendish and for the sake of balance, a small part of high-grade Burley is used. A blend with lots of Virginia sweetness and the unique taste of raisins/dark fruit coming from the Katerini Perique.