Macanudo Emissary Churchill

Macanudo Emissary Churchill
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48 x 7 in.
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Macanudo Emissary España uses a harmonious five-country blend highlighted by a Havana seed grown near the town of Riolobos, Spain. The region’s rocky soil and Mediterranean climate yield a rich tobacco that cannot be replicated. Grown near olive trees and pepper fields used for paprika, the tobacco is characterized by thick, oily leaves from the warm, dry summer days and mild nights. When combined with the rocky soil, the result is tobacco with intensity and complexity.
The Spanish Havana is paired with five tobaccos from four other countries (Nicaragua, Colombia, Dominican Republic, and the US) that are aged between 5 and 10 years. The optimal aging mellows the tobaccos, bringing forward each tobacco’s intricacies. The resulting cigar yields a nuanced smoking experience that cannot be rivaled.

Wrapper: US Broadleaf Claro (5-Year Aged)

Binder: Nicaraguan Condega (6-Year Aged)

Filler: Dominican Piloto (5-Year Aged), Colombian, Nicaraguan ASP (6-Year Aged), Spain (10-Year Aged)

Body: Medium

Tasting Notes: Toasted Cedar, Almonds, Caramel

Drink Pairings: Single Malt Scotch, Espresso, Cognac

48 x 7