GL Pease Cumberland

GL Pease Cumberland
Country of Origin
United States
Course Cut
Burley, Virginia, Perique


Ripe, red Virginia tobaccos create the frame in which some truly special Kentucky dark-fired leaf is exhibited. This leaf has a depth and richness that is rarely seen in tobaccos of its type. A measure of stoved and matured flue-cured is added to provide a gentle sweetness and solidify the foundation. A little Louisiana perique provides a piquant spice, and a subtle fruitiness. The flavor may be somewhat reminiscent of some of the classic English tobaccos of the past, but this is truly a unique blend. It's at once bold and demure, making a delightfully profound first impression, then gradually revealing its more subtle charms over a few bowls' courtship. It's sophisticated personality will be appreciated by those around the smoker as well.