Davidoff Flake Medallions

Davidoff Flake Medallions
Country of Origin
Black Cavendish, Virginia, Perique


Davidoff Flake Medallions are made from mature Virginia tobacco harvested from carefully chosen fields in areas of Virginia and North Carolina, plus pure Perique tobacco from Louisiana. The striking aroma of the Perique leaves paired with the natural sweetness of the Virginia gives this blend its characteristic flavor. The core of mild, fermented Black Cavendish adds a certain sophistication, rounds off the Davidoff Flake Medallions to perfection.

The blend of Virginia and Perique is pressed into the thinnest of cakes and then put away to mature before being spun very tightly around a core of compacted Black Cavendish. This results in a huge cylinder of tobacco, which is again put away to mature before being cut into medallions and packaged.

This exceptional pipe tobacco is distinguished by its unrivaled quality and mellow flavor. Each step involved in its making - the choice of tobaccos, the blending, the rolling, cutting and packaging- is executed by hand with the utmost care.

Available in a 50 gram tin.