Corona Pipemaster Pewter Pipe Shapes

Corona Pipemaster Pewter Pipe Shapes


The IM Corona Pipemaster is simply a classic. The Pipemaster uses a single push button ignition (it slides downward). It is equiped with an angled flame which makes using this lighter to spark your pipe an breeze. Included is a slide out, built-in pipe tamper tool, is in many of IM Corona lighter models. The Pipemaster lighter is packaged in a gift box and is backed their standard two year warranty.

The size is quite similar to the Old Boy and the Flambeau Corona lighters, measuring 3 1/10th inch in height x 1 1/5th inch in width and 1/2 and inch thick. As with all IM Corona Lighters, the weight is certainly present, the Pipemaster weighing in at nearly 3 ounces.

The Pipemaster is very good on fuel due to it being a traditional soft flame lighter and butane refillable. Since IM Corona no longer offers their brand butane, it is recommended to use a high quality refined butane.

The Pipemaster is manufactured in Japan as with all other IM Corona Lighters.