Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4 50g.

Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4 50g.
Country of Origin
United Kingdom

For over two centuries, the blenders and spinners of Samuel Gawith, Kendal, have been producing the famous Kendal Twists. Coal miners, both underground and on the ground, have been chewing our Pigtails and Bogies, whilst pipe smokers have savored the rich flavors and slow burning characteristics of the thick brown No.4 and Black XX.

The process begins with the selection of our best quality, dark fired long filler leaf from various tobacco regions, together with selected flaw-free wrapper leaf, stripped of their main stem. The spinners prepare and then feed both filler and wrapper into the age-old spinning machine. This process cannot be mechanized or automated as it takes the experience and dexterity of two pairs of hands to produce an even 'rope of tobacco'. The rope is spun into a roll, which is naturally brown - this is Brown Twist.

Other rolls are subjected to a period of several hours in steam pressure whilst wrapped in rope & paper to prevent any flavour escaping and to seal in the sugars and oils naturally present in this leaf. This final product after cooling is a very black, pliable roll, giving a rich, mellow flavor.

Brown #4 is by far Samuel Gawith's strongest tobacco. We, therefore, do not recommend to the faint-hearted! The twist is not as compact as the "Black XX"; so, preparing it for maximum smoking pleasure might require a bit more work.  If you find it to be a bit too strong, you might want to try adding it to another mixture. It could add a nice taste and full-bodiedness to a mild blend. If you're into really full-bodied tobaccos, you should give this one a try.