Chris Morgan The Briar Cigar Smooth

Chris Morgan The Briar Cigar Smooth
Country of Origin
Dunhill Group Size
5 in.
Bowl Height
0.85 in.

While this pipe has been created to behave like a traditional tobacco pipe, it surpasses the standard in terms of its compact portability, Supreme convenience, clever design, solid performance and interestingly cool appearance.
Morgan Pipes uses only the worlds finest briar, procured by Romeo Briar. Our pipes are produced by highly skilled craftsmen to give you only the finest engineering and finishes in your pipe. 
The Briar Cigar is designed to hold  approximately “15-20 minutes worth” of tobacco and offers a cool, dry, and smooth smoking experience.

The Briar Cigar sports a unique feature; reverse calabash-style engineering. This type of airway provides the smoothest, driest, and coolest possible smoke.  While this style of engineering , may cause a traditional pipe to look “bloated” and  top-heavy, it is right at home with the Briar Cigar. The  Briar Cigar is equivalent to the diameter of a 52 ring cigar. It measures 125mm long and 22mm thick. 

The pipe mimics the look of a normal cigar on its exterior, while concealing a patented arsenal of internal mechanics. This pipe features a plenum space draft way, and a tobacco chamber. The chambers, and their dimensional ratios, held within The Briar Cigar have been precisely engineered to give a sort of thermodynamic homeostasis. 
The inside of the tobacco chamber has been coated with a proprietary crust to foster caking, protect the surrounding wood, and ensure the pipe’s durability. The mouthpiece itself has been specially engineered to allow the pipe to be enjoyed as you would a traditional cigar. It is round to allow rotation of the pipe while in use to ensure even combustion of the tobacco. 

The airway within the mouthpiece is tapered to facilitate uninterrupted airflow, creating a very dry and smooth experience. The Briar Cigar is globally patent- pending. All of these obvious features and subtle nuances alike combine to give you one of the finest and most innovative smoking systems available today.  We recommend a finely cut tobacco for this pipe. You will also need a tamper that fits this pipe.
  • Equal to a 52 ring cigar (125mm x 22mm)
  • Weighs only 0.8 oz (20 grams)
  • Briar by Mimmo
  • Solid Briar Construction
  • Round Vulcanite Mouthpiece
  • Calabash-Style Plenum Airway
  • Internally Tapered Mouthpiece
  • Durable Sandblasted Finish 
  • Carnauba Wax Top Coat
  • Cigar-like Styling
  • Proprietary Bowl Coat 
  • Highly Portable
  • Ability to Re-cap and Store the Pipe Mid-smoke
  • Looks Cool!