Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter

Xikar Mayan Cloisonne Table Top Lighter

XIKAR has designed a unique collection of cigar accessories that reveal the artistry of the Mayan civilization, one of the grandest in the world. The Mayan Collection is symbolic of the indigenous descendents while the beautiful artwork enhances this one-of-a-kind series. XIKAR’s iconic tear-drop shaped cutter, the new single jet flame Versa Lighter, and triple flame Cloisonne Tabletop lighter capture the awe-inspiring culture in a singular masterpiece.

Mayan architecture spans many thousands of years.  The most dramatic and easily recognizable as Mayan are the stepped pyramids from the Terminal Pre-Classic period and beyond.  Many consider Maya art of their Classic Era (c. 250 to 900 AD) to be the most sophisticated and beautiful of the ancient New World.  We have only hints of the advanced painting of the classic Maya; mostly what has survived are pottery and other Maya ceramics, and a building at Bonampak holds ancient murals that survived by chance.  The Mayan culture excelled in many different fields, and testaments of their achievements are found throughout modern history.  XIKAR has a strong affiliation with the Mayan culture which is illustrated in this great collection of lighters and cutters.

Cloisonne jewelry has been around for many years. The technique originated in the ancient Near East and gradually spread to other parts of the world. Chinese cloisonné is the best known enamel cloisonné. The simple elegance of color and pattern combined with a unique design make cloisonne pieces some the most sought after jewelry.  Each piece is carefully made to match perfectly in design, color, pattern, and feel. 

Cloisonne enamel jewelry is created with an ancient metalworking technique perfected in the Orient. The enamel is made of glass crushed into powder and covered with other precious metals then placed onto an enameled surface and held together using intense heat under fire.  XIKAR has designed a collection that resembles the elegance and beauty of the original cloisonne jewelry.