Medal of Valor 1.75oz

Medal of Valor 1.75oz
Country of Origin
United States
Latakia, Virginia, Burley, Oriental, Perique

A well-loved blend from Lane disappeared years ago and few people believed that it would ever return. But the good folks at Lane Limited were listening, and this old favorite has returned...with one difference - the name. It turns out that the original name for the blend is being used elsewhere, so they had to make a little compromise - welcome Medal of Valor.

This smooth and elegant medium-bodied Latakia blend features rare and exotic Orientals and premium Virginia to create a memorable experience that few have enjoyed in recent years

The Medal of Valor is the highest national award presented to a Public Safety Officer in the United States. This tobacco honors that by using some of the highest quality tobaccos in the world. Although with a heavy presence of carefully selected Latakia, this is a true mixture of both loose cut and cross cut Virginia, Burley, and hints of Oriental and Perique. As the Medal of Valor honors bravery, this is our way of honoring the true English blend.