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Missouri Meerschaum began as a favor. In 1869, a woodworker named Henry Tibbe in Washington, Missouri was asked by a customer to try to copy a hand-made pipe carved from a corn cob. The customer was so pleased that Tibbe began selling them in his shop. Within ten years it became the focus of his firm.

In 1907, the company was named the Missouri Meerschaum Company, because Tibbe likened the smoking qualities of his corn cobs with those of meerschaums. The company grew and other companies followed. At one time, more than a dozen competitors existed, but over the years, they fell by the wayside, leaving only the original- Missouri Meerschaum.

For a great, affordable piece of Americana, every pipe smoker should own a Missouri Meerschaum pipe.

In 2014, for the first time in their history, Missouri Meerschaum introduced a line of pipe tobaccos to use in handcrafted Missouri  Meerschaum pipes. These blends, which cover virtually every genre, were made specifically to taste their best when smoked in a genuine Missouri Meerschaum corn cob.

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Missouri Meerschaum American Patriot 1.5oz - Click for details
Missouri Meerschaum American Patriot 1.5oz

Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Pride 1.5oz - Click for details
Missouri Meerschaum Missouri Pride 1.5oz