Patoro Grand Anejo No 2 Box of 20

Patoro Grand Anejo No 2 Box of 20
Ring x Length
50 x 5 in.
Wrapper Style
Country of Origin

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Patoro Gran Añejo Reserva

The launch of the Dominican cigars Patoro Gran Añejo Reserva series in 2001 marks the beginning of the success story of the Patoro brand. It is the first to carry the famous cigar band adorned with the P for Patoro surmounted by the star which symbolizes the 5 positive emotions felt during the tasting of each Patoro cigars: joy, serenity, inspiration, awe and satisfaction.

This series, like all the series of Patoro, is proposed in the classic formats that allow blends of tobaccos to best value their rich aromas and balanced taste; main feature of the best cigars!

The expertly hand-rolled Gran Añejo Reserva cigars have an excellent draw and exude the finest, richest aromas. They are finely flavored, multi-layered and rich in taste. Density of earth and cocoa notes flatter the palate. Accents of roasted nuts and chocolate can be detected. These mild cigars can be recommended as cigars for beginners but also for all aficionados of mildness and wonderful balance.

50 X 5