Patoro Brazil Gordo Box of 20

Patoro Brazil Gordo Box of 20
Ring x Length
58 x 5.5 in.
Wrapper Style
Country of Origin

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The apprentices of certain corporations complete their apprenticeship with a masterpiece. It was, in a way, the case of Dr. Pablo Richard, co-owner of the Patoro brand, after a one-year stay in the Dominican Republic to reinforce his already excellent knowledge, from the tobacco seed to the enjoyment of the cigar. The Patoro Brazil series is his masterpiece: he has successfully created, in collaboration with our master blenders, this blend that has become one of the most popular series and even, for some aficionados, “the best blend of which they had the chance to enjoy!”, in other words; the best cigars they have ever tasted.

The green used for the cigar band of this line is the one of the national color used by often successful British racing cars in international competition until the late 1960s, when the distinction of color by nationality was abandoned. This green is commonly known as British Racing Green (BRG) and symbolizes power, willpower, efficiency and victory.

This outstanding Patoro creation got his name by the wrapper Cubra. Cubra tobacco is a hybrid of Cuban and Brazilian tobacco seeds, which is cultivated in passionate devotion and with the utmost care by experienced Tabaqueros. Elegant and exotic, this cigar will give any aficionado a unique smoking pleasure!

The classic cigar formats of the medium strong to strong cigars of the Brasil series allow the aromas to develop to perfection while not being dominated by the strength of the blends.

58 x 5 1/2