La Galera Imperial Jade Churchill

La Galera Imperial Jade Churchill
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47 x 7 in.
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Imperial Jade


La Galera is thrilled to announce the launch of our new cigar, La Galera Imperial Jade, wrapped in Cameroonian seed tobacco grown throughout Cameroon.

Cameroon wrapper cigars are few and far between, and not without good reason. The seed for this type of tobacco is disease prone, low yield, and produced in Cameroon; a Central African Republic that lacks experienced producers and knowledgeable personnel for pickling, curing, and classifying the tobacco.
The lack of tobacco know-how in Cameroon means extra work for us at the factory. When the tobacco is received it must go through additional processes, making sure the tobacco is up to the standard that we require it to be before we even think of putting it in one of our cigars.
To make working with Cameroon even more of a challenge, the wrapper is wafer-thin and stiff, making it a nightmare to handle.

The final product is something that, like the imperial jade, is alluring, enticing, smooth to the touch, and irresistible to look at.

47 x 7