Davidoff Royal Release Salomones

Davidoff Royal Release Salomones
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57 x 8 in.
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Henke Kelner and a team of just eigth master rollers have created one of the most exquisite Davidoff cigars to date.  The Davidoff Royal Release is the culmination of both years of experience and years of hard work.  

This is a very special project for Davidoff.  The built a separate new barn and curing facility just for the tobaccos used in the Royal Release.  All tobaccos in the cigars are aged for a full ten years.  After the first two years the tobaccos are inspected and only the ones that meet the highest Davidoff standards get the Royal Release stamp and are then aged for another eight years.  The cigars you see today use tobaccos from 2004 and 2005.

If you're going to make a cigar to your highest standards you want your best rollers making them.  Davidoff chose their top eight master rollers and made them the exclusive torcedors for the Royal Release.  Combined these rollers have made over 17 million cigars.  

What truly makes these cigars so special is the exclusive Dominican wrapper leaf.  This special wrapper has never been used on a Davidoff cigar, and will never be used on any other Davidoff cigar in the future; it's totally exclusive to the Davidoff Royal Release.

Each box comes with a certificate signed by Henke Kelner and the two rollers who made the cigars.

57 x 8