Neptune Pipe

Neptune Pipe
Country of Origin
Bent Billiard
Dunhill Group Size
4.625 in.
Bowl Height
1.25 in.

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The Icarus and Neptune pipes are the creation of American pipe masters Todd Johnson, Pete Prevost and their gifted staff of skilled graphic artists and woodworkers at BriarWorks International in Nashville, Tennessee. The vision and dream was to create the highest possible quality pipes that any pipe smoker can afford. All Neptune and Icarus pipes (even the steep bent pieces) pass the pipe cleaner test with ease. The pipes are produced using Mimmo briar-which is the finest in quality, has the best grain, is the lightest weight and has the fewest rejects of any on the market. Along with Todd and Peter, BriarWorks's exemplary cast of skilled designers and artisans very carefully craft each shape in their panoply with rigorous detail in regards to form, feel and fluid smoking characteristics. The upshot is the closest one can attain to perfection in pipes. We are proud to present a pipe made from the first American pipe studio in over 50 years! Pipe collectors: your collection is not complete without a set of Icarus and Neptune pipes. We think that you will consider these pipes to be the paragon of your pipe collection!