McClelland Dominican Glory Maduro

McClelland Dominican Glory Maduro
Country of Origin
United States
Broken Flake
Virginia, Cigar Leaf

Adding cigar leaf to a Virginia flake is the equivalent to adding a sub-woofer to your stereo system. Matured Virginia flakes tend toward the high to mid-range of flavors, though there may be great depth and richness. With this flake, a whole bottom realm is present which is usually not encountered. The fact that the leaf is Maduro is its success. Dominican Glory Maduro, he opined in unison with me, is a whole other story. There aren’t many blends around with cigar leaf (Cornell & Diehl has some, as does Dunhill, but Dunhill uses Cuban leaf and consequently you can’t get them here), and this is a grand success. It has an excellent aroma, and the flavor is big in the middle and bottom. If you haven’t tried cigar leaf blends or you like cigars, you should give this a shot.