GL Pease Chelsea Morning

GL Pease Chelsea Morning
Country of Origin
United States
Broken Flake
Virginia, Latakia, Perique, Oriental

Chelsea Morning is made from a variety of sweet red and bright Virginia tobacco, fragrant orientals, a small measure of rich Cyprus Latakia, and a pinch of L.A. Poche’s brilliant Acadian perique. It is an easy to pack, easy to smoke tobacco, and a great blend to start the day with your morning cup. The flavors are lively and engaging, with a subtle fruitiness and gentle smokiness that wakes up the palate. For those expecting a Latakia powerhouse, this ain’t that. The Cyprus leaf provides depth and character; it’s certainly present, but it’s not the dominant voice. In that respect, Chelsea Morning is similar to Piccadilly, the ‘English Breakfast Mixture’ from the Classic Collection, but, it’s also very different; the orientals add additional dimensions to the smoke. It's really a delightful blend.