Xikar Cutter HC Black

Xikar Cutter HC Black

here are no cigar cutters in the world like XIKAR’s Havana Collection cutters. Their creation fuses XIKAR’s innovative, industry leading Xi3 cutter with original art from Paris, to achieve the classic ambience of the Havana cigar.

To create each unique, mixed media decoupage art piece, the Parisian artist begins by fashioning handles of French maple wood to fit the Xi3 body. He then hand paints the handles in one of five vibrant colors.

Once the base is complete, the artist individually cuts or tears pieces of actual cigar bands, then meticulously arranges the cut cigar band pieces in place with tweezers. By varying each collage pattern, he gives each cutter a one of a kind Havana Collection signature. 

When the artist completes the collage, he seals the cutter’s beauty forever with several coats of clear varnish. To ensure a smooth and comfortable grip, he lightly sands and polishes the handles before attaching them to the Xi3 cutter body. 

When the process is complete, the Havana Collection cutter by XIKAR is more than the best cigar cutter money can buy. It is a handmade, piece of art that liberates the spirit of the quintessential cigar city, Havana.

A genuine, exotic Stingray leather sheath elegantly protects the cutter for a lifetime.