Savinelli Pocket 202 Rusticated

Savinelli Pocket 202 Rusticated
Country of Origin
Dunhill Group Size
4.9 in.
Bowl Height
1.5 in.

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Savinelli Pocket Pipes

Pipe smokers will often want to carry their pipe with them from place to place, and a traditional pipe is much too big for a person to carry in their pocket. The Savinelli Pocket pipe is an excellent pipe for those who want to travel with their smoking instrument. This type of pipe is the most versatile out of all the pipes because it can be stored in the front pocket of a shirt.  The short length of the pipe does not compromise the effectiveness and quality of the tobacco that is smoked.

Savinelli Pocket Pipes Quality

The Savinelli Pocket pipe is one of the most economic instruments made by the company Savinelli. The brand is world renowned and has been manufacturing quality pipes since 1876. They are one of the highest quality pipe makers in the world, and this pocket pipe is considered to be a unique pipe original to this brand. The small stem is the most unique aspect. The bowl of this pipe is the same size as a traditional pipe with a longer stem. This gives the user the ability to smoke a good amount of tobacco, and doesn’t compromise the experience.

Savinelli Pocket Pipes Collectors

Many people have a collection of many different pipes, and the Savinelli Pocket pipe is a must have for collectors. There are special accessories that can be purchased for pipe collectors to display their pipes. This pipe in particular can be displayed on a stand that does not take up much room. Savinelli makes hand crafted shapes that come in a variety of sizes. Some of the stems on this pipe are bent, while others are straight. Each person has their own preference as to whether they like a bent or straight pipe. Many people associate pipes as a gentleman’s smoking instrument, although they can be used by either a man or woman.

Savinelli Pocket Pipes Travel

It is not surprising that Savinelli would have a pipe that is easy and convenient to travel with. They have dominated the tobacco industry for many years. The Savinelli Pocket pipe is made with the same quality of briar that their other pipes are made from. The Briar material allows the tobacco to breathe, while absorbing moisture from the tobacco. This material is also one of the most fire resistant so the tobacco can heat up properly without damaging the integrity of the tobacco. This allows the tobacco to retain its qualities that people love.