McClelland Nocturne

McClelland Nocturne
Country of Origin
United States
Virginia, Latakia, Oriental

Introduced July 1993.

In the deep, dark middle of the night, you stroll along a narrow country path. A cloud of fragrant smoke from your favorite pipe trails behind you. You have ventured out to taste the flavor of the night, examine the shadows, the starlight, to savor the moon glow. You smoke Nocturne, mysterious, intriguing, rich and profoundly flavorful. It is a very good night. A matured English pipe tobacco.

These blends have been selected to help generate revenue for pipe clubs that have been especially active in promoting the hobby over the years. $1.00 (.50 from McClelland and .50 from Iwan Ries & Co.) a can will go to the Greater Kansas City Pipe Club to help cover the expenses of their activities, so not only will you enjoy these reintroduced blends, you will be doing your part to help keep these pipe clubs alive and strong.