McClelland Arcadia

McClelland Arcadia
Country of Origin
United States
Virginia, Oriental

It was Dr. Watson's favorite tobacco. Holmes identified it by its characteristic white, fluffy ash. Sir James Barrie lauded it to the point of immortalization in "My Lady Nicotine." Years later, it was widely circulated that the Arcadia Mixture was really the Craven Mixture developed by the third Earl of Craven and produced at the Arcadia Works of Carreras, Ltd., in London. Carreras is now long gone and the Craven Mixture has not been available since 1993. We have sought out the finest leaf, keeping in mind the leaf buying patterns of the British tobacco companies during the period when Dr. Watson and Mr. Holmes would have been smoking. We have sought to make this blend as historically accurate in cut and character as possible. Most importantly, we have endeavored to create a blend of such complexity and delicacy that Dr. Watson would smoke it today if he could.